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ALL ICONS – Spring Edition

Collection reflects to our everyday life. We have gathered together the elements of our day life, desires and dreams. Those icons makes the fabric look like a map of life, no need for words. Read the story from the patterns!
Easy sweaters and loose dresses goes well from day to night. It easy and it´s cool. Mix, match and play with the pieces!!




ALFRED collar shirt in black, 145 €.


AILI trousers 155 € and ICON top 85 €.


ALFRED collar shirts, choose black or white or be wild and buy both!


ANNABELLA collar shirt 165 €, it´s all about mixing!


ALFRED collar shirt in white. Cool as ice.




ICON canvas bag 30 €, you can fit your pizza box here!


VERNERI t-shirt 55 €, DANIEL trousers 155 €.


SENNI t-shirt 55 €, AILI trousers 155 €.


MELINA jumpsuit 110€ and ICON bag 30 €.


COOL bag 120 €, ICON top 85 € and AILI trousers 155 €.




VENLA dress in black 145 €.



Photos: Mikko Haiko / Heta Saukkonen   Models: Nelly, Konsta, Iiris, Elsa and Anton   Make-up & Hair: Kirsi Maijala